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A Guide to choosing your diamond

 No matter how many times you might hear that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, this only rings true if you know what you are looking for
and how to 
buy the best quality diamonds for your money. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance know to man and also the most
highly valued of gemstones. 
Diamonds come in many shapes, sizes, colours and values. To understand the visual appeal of diamonds
there are four factors to consider.

 The 4 C’s are Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity, each of which is equally important to the appearance and value of a diamond.



Carat is another way of explaining weight. Diamonds are weighted in metric carats

1 Carat = 200 mg (0.2g)

Diamond measurements are based on a total of 100 points. Thus if you are buying a half carat diamond, you are buying one that is rated at
0.50 carats. However, one thing to keep in mind is that just because you are looking at a range of diamonds that are all rated at 1.00 carats,
this does not mean they are all going to look the same. Their final appearance is based not just on their overall weight, but on the qualities
of the other 4 C’s that each displays.


The cut of a diamond, its proportions and symmetry are all really important to its value. The most popular diamond shape is the round
brilliant cut which is based on specific calculations aiming at maximising beauty. Other shapes such as emerald cut, pear, heart, princess,
cut, oval and marquise are all referred to as ” fancy cut”. The ideal cut diamond will have light rays from all sides that are bent towards the
centre of the stone and then reflected back through the top.

Diamond Cuts


The colour of diamond is due to the presence of nitrogen, boron and hydrogen. Naturally coloured diamonds can be extremely valuable.
Colour grading has been defined by the GIA here in Australia and they’re set apart by letters of the alaphabet (starting with letter D).

D to F Colourless
G to J Nearly Colourless
K to M Faint Yellow
N to R Very Light Yellow
S to Z Light Yellow
Fancy Yellow
Fancy Intense Yellow

As Bespoke our standard range will always be better than ” I “, we do not order below this unless specifically requested.


Clarity describes how free the stone is from inclusions and blemishes under magnification of x 10. These are a result of millions of years of
hard work by Mother Nature. Because of this the vast majority of natural diamonds come with their own individual characteristics referred
to as
inclusions. These inclusions are unique to each diamond and their position is important and will effect the value  of the diamond.

There are several different recognized grades of clarity:

FL: Absolutely flawless (loupe clean)

IF: Internally flawless as determined by an expert grader under a minimum of 10X magnification.

WS1-WS2: Those with very, very slight inclusions that are hard to find under 10X by an expert grader.

SI1-SI2: Those with slight inclusions that can be seen by a skilled grader at 10X magnification.

I1, I2, and I3: Those with imperfect inclusions that can be seen with the naked eye without the need for magnification.


All diamonds supplied by Bespoke Jewellery are from a legitimate source and are conflict free.

Each diamond comes with a GIA Certificate of authenticity so you will know exactly what you are buying.
Every important factor you need to know about your diamond is described in the certificate.

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