Wedding Ring Guide

Wedding bands Two rings made of gold and white gold, one with diamond, isolated on white

A guide to choosing the perfect Wedding Rings

We understand that choosing the ring you will wear every day is not an easy task.
Before you get started, there are a few things to consider:

Do you want your rings to match each others?

Some couples do, whereas others go for completely different looks.

 Would you like the wedding ring to coordinate with the colour and shape of the engagement ring ?

As they sit alongside each other, most want the wedding band to match in colour.


Wedding bands Two rings made of gold and white gold, one with diamond, isolated on white

Do you wear more White gold or Yellow gold
jewellery ?

The most popular precious metals used for wedding rings are white gold, yellow gold and platinum. A combination of different metals give a contemporary modern feel.

These metals are all very durable and suitable for rings that will be worn for many years. The choice is one of personal taste.
For woman we do recommend matching the metal type of your
engagement ring as they sit alongside each other.
Men often choose a metal to match or compliment his watch.

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 Would you like a narrow or wide ring ?

A ring that is to be worn everyday needs to be comfortable as well as look good. Depending on the design of the engagement ring, the bride may want the wedding ring to be
shaped to fit around it. We can create bands such as the Crossover, V shaped or a Sweep to fit perfectly next to the engagement ring.

The groom generally tend to go for a wider ring. The bride also needs to think about whether the band will be worn on its own.
A band  can be created from 2mm to 8mm width.



Wedding rings Two wedding rings standing next to each other isolated on white

Would you like something a little extra ?

Adding  diamonds or a single or double line engraving around the ring are simple but effective way of modernising your ring.


 What finish would you like ?

A selection of matte, high polish or dual tone finish combinations are available to emphasise the ring detail.

“I’m delighted with my bespoke Engagement Ring ”
I wanted something unique that I designed. Bespoke jewelley made my vision a reality. My ring is exactly what I wanted. 

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